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Hamilton The Magical Hypnotists extraordinary shows Hamilton The Magical Hypnotists extraordinary shows Learn about Hamiltons many talentsHamilton The Magical Hypnotists extraordinary showsHamiltons quality venueHamilton The Magical Hypnotists extraordinary shows
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Hamilton The Magical Hypnotists extraordinary shows
Hamilton offers a uniquely wide range of professional Comedy Parlor Magic, Theatrical Illusion and Hilarious Stage Hypnosis Performance Packages.  All shows can be quite tailored, and formatted from small intimate settings to full stage, choreographed extravaganzas that include song, dance, special lighting and sound effects, smoke and pyrotechnics.

Standard performance options:

  • Comedy Parlor Magic
  • Hilarious Stage Hypnosis
  • Theatrical Stage Illusion
  • Any Combination of the Above

Even with the briefest options election, Hamilton's magical stage shows are really shows within shows.  He sings, laces comedy throughout, has his quite-moving serious moments, emphasizes audience participation, and pops surprises regularly - all assuring warm, alert audiences and a truly enjoyable and unforgettable entertainment experience.

Hamilton's stage hypnosis shows are theatrical, energetic and most importantly, POSITIVE in nature, never degrading or humiliating to his audience or participants. Spectators walk away from a Hamilton show feeling like they have been truly entertained and the volunteer's leave the experience feeling better about themselves and life in general. They tell their friends and return for more... time and again.

Hamilton shows are crowd pleasers and audience builders

With Hamilton, it's invariably entertainment with a message.  An appealing, lastingly helpful message.  Hamilton speaks of the "magic within."  He refers to the innate powers of individuals, however dormant, to activate and realize their fondest heartfelt dreams.  Again and again, albeit within the context of pure entertainment, he brings that out strongly and newly, excitingly inspires and empowers many.

A Universally Empowering Message within a great show

An extraordinary performer guaranteed to generate repeat requests by ever - widening audiences...

That's Hamilton!

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