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Parlor Magic Large Stage Illusion
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Hamilton sings quite appealinglyHamilton is a versatile magical entertainer who offers numerous performance options and entertainment packages. Most packages can be tailored for any type or size of venue. Hamilton provides his own curtains, sound equipment, fog effects, pyrotechnics and various special effects lightening. The venue is responsible for staging and general lighting.



Chair SuspensionHamilton's professionalism, creativity and charisma, combined with his positive and empowering, theatrical approach to stage hypnotism, assure an enjoyable, memorable time for one and all. This is hilarious, comedy entertainment that keeps the audience laughing nonstop.

Hypnosis clipsHypnosis shows can be quite tailored to appeal to any type of audience. From family to the more mature crowds. Corporations love these shows as it gives them a chance to laugh at and with each other.

Ideal For:
Medium to Large Audiences & Events


Hanky Panky Hamilton StyleHilarious comedy magic that always includes ample audience participation for young and old alike. Hamilton's high energy combined with his unique ability to keep an audience entranced and entertained with comical dialog, ensure a fun and memorable, magical occasion for all.

Parlor magic consists of medium sized effects that can usually be carried in a case or held in ones hands, such as ropes, newspapers, doves, candles, silks and so on.

Ideal For :
Small to Medium Sized Events




Houdini metamorphosisHamilton's creative and theatrical style, combined with over 35 years experience as a Magician/Illusionist ensure a quality illusion show and not just alot of "furniture pushing". Hamilton is a master of the art of misdirection, mass psychology and group emotional stimulation. Discriminating fans of quality magical entertainment will recognize and appreciate this important and critical distinction. Hamilton knows how to entertain an audience.

Flash AppearanceHamilton's Illusion shows incorporate many unique elements. For instance, Hamilton sings quite appealingly. He innovates and choreographs numerous unique illusionary elements that have constructive and empowering metaphorical implications. Like the late Doug Henning, Hamilton's shows are a fun and metaphorical celebration of the magic that exists within us all, not just a tribute to his own ego. Spectators and participants share in the magic on many different levels.

Ideal For :
Medium to Large Events - Theaters - Casino Showrooms - Night Clubs


Any of Hamilton's magical performance packages can be combined and customized to your venue, event or theme.

Hamilton's combination package typically includes special fog, lighting and audio/visual effects that make the show, truly a unique adventure into an alternate magical universe where anything is possible and something wonderful is always happening, not only on stage but within the minds and imaginations of both participants and spectators.

Hamilton's unparalleled blending of Hypnosis and Magic (Hypno-Magic) provides audience attendees with an unparalleled opportunity actually experience the magic for themselves. You might see an audience member levitated and suspended in mid air or any number of other magical feats that are traditionally reserved only for magicians assistants.

Ideal For :
Medium to Large Events - Theaters - Casino Showrooms - Night Clubs

Special events and multiple performance package prices are negotiable.


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